Shabbat Shalom.. AND Pictures!

Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom,

Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom………

Part of my favorite song to sing on Shabbat. This has been an interesting week, almost everytime I set foot in the backyard I take pictures, and just have fun with that (of course we have done math this week and so on….) .

It’s amazing how much you zone out of the world around you when taking photos. I find that especially when I take photos of flowers and other plants. I stop thinking of everything else and just what is on the screen and in the garden.

DSCF7279 signed

This is a rose that was just beginning to bloom,

now it is a full grown rose DSCF7302 signed

As the weather is getting colder there are less flowers in the garden. So I want to take the opportunity now to get the pictures before they all die.

I can take around 50-100 photos of flowers alone in a week! This has become a real enjoyment.

May you all have a blessed Shabbat. I better stop before I ramble on and make absolutely no sense of this post.


Rain, Rain, Rain…… That is all we are getting right now. You can’t go out and play much, it’s cold and damp. The good thing is none of us have colds! I am so thankful for that. It’s no fun when anyone is sick. The flu season hasn’t started yet either so that’s an extra BONUS!

Another bonus is that the grass dries fast enough that we can still practice cartwheels (though we aren’t too good at it we try).

We have just finished the library and I can’t wait to start reading (as I have finished all my math). I am hoping to work on calligraphy today, I did some yesterday and it was fun. I don’t have the proper pen so I am using a black gel pen. It works pretty well, not the best but better than nothing. I just keep practicing and see how I get along with it. I was never one for art (as in painting, drawing, and that kind) but I am improving fast on my photography. That is one art –other than dancing- that I really enjoy and can do pretty well.

We all do something good we just have to find it, it took me a long time to find what gifts my Heavenly father has given me and I know I haven’t found them all yet. Some come faster than others. We have to work at some while others come naturally and we don’t even realize that they are there.

Another Day

Today is another Day!!

and………. Today is the day

                      Which Yahuweh has made,

                             Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

               Psalm 118:24

Wow, so let us rejoice and be glad in it.

It also says…….

                        From the rising of the sun to its going down,

                                           The Name of Yahuweh is Praised

             Psalm 113:3



(sunrise at Vaughn springs)  DSCF7104 signed

                                                                                        From the rising of the sun…….

DSCF6721 signed

                                                          to its going down!

(a beautiful Pink and Red sunset one night a real beauty, just goes to show you how beautiful our Father in Heaven is)

Have a good… not a good day an AWESOME DAY!!!!

questions and thoughts

We all know that Yahushua came and was crucified on a stake (or tree).

But why do Christians have such an emphasis on the cross? I am really curious on this subject because I was listening to a Micheal W. Smith cd and there was a song “O’ the wonderful cross” and it made me curious. Why the wonderful cross why not “The Wonderful Father who gave His Son to die for us”? He died on the stake yes but that is not what saved us It was. His blood that saved us not a piece of wood! 

It’s just a question.

Shabbat is over now and it is 1st day (sunday). I am looking forward to the next time we go to the library it is so much fun finding books and the walking. Just getting out into the fresh air is enough for me.

I had an interesting conversation with some friends. It was about the topic of makeup and how we look at our selves.

We talked about why people wear makeup because they don’t like how they look. So to cover it up they wear makeup, we look in the mirror and see some one, you see all the outward things that you don’t like about yourself. But we came to an interesting factor, most people when they walk into a room they look at other people and say to themselves “wow she’s really pretty or she’s the size I wish I was” and things like that. But we don’t see ourselves through other peoples eyes, everyone has beauty, whether it is the world view or just true beauty. 

Proverbs says: Pro 31:30  Loveliness is deceptive And prettiness is vain, A woman who fears יהוה is to be praised. 

Next time you see someone even if you can only pick out one thing encouraging ie. the scarf they are wearing brightens their face, or that bracelet is really nice. Things like that, but don’t flatter, unless it’s genuine then that is good but flattery is not.

Did you know Roman generals when paraded through the streets after a conquest were put on a gold chariot, their faces were painted red, and wore purple. they had a slave behind them holding a wreath over their head, and whispering in their ear the whole time “remember you are just a man”. Because all that flattery can go to the head and really muck some one up. It is better when genuinely said than just said because you want to get on someones good side.


I will leave you to think on that. Have a good week.


Rest in Shalom

Shabbat Shalom,

This will be a great Shabbat!

DSCF6988 DSCF6991


Psa 9:2  I rejoice and exult in You; I sing praise to Your Name, O Most High.

I took these pictures one Shabbat I picked some flowers off weeds, or fallen petal’s from the ground, etc. It was lots of fun I had the family’s MP3, it was just a really relaxing afternoon.

Have a blessed Shabbat and a restful one.

Photo’s of P.E.I

I found some old photo’s I had from our trip east Canada in 2010 

These are pictures of beautiful P.E.I (Prince Edward Island)


This photo is of a fishing pier in a small fishing village


We camped on the top of this beautiful hill (but getting up was no fun challenge)


This is the same hill (you can see the steep incline) just from a different angle


Remember that old fishing pier at the top? This is from the same town just facing opposite the pier. The mist was beautiful the morning I took it.

DSCF4669 cropped

The current in the water was beautiful, when I took the photo I really hoped to catch the movement.


Yesterday my Mom took us kids to the library. We now have a new plan, instead of us kids going to the library with out her, and not really know what educational books to pick up, Mom and us kids will be walking to town about twice a week and borrowing books, walking around town and having lunch in town, Then walking back home. We did that yesterday, it is quite tiring but it felt SO good to walk. My Mom and I are walking people (LOL).

My sister and I are quite the book worms. I suppose that a good thing but a bad thing too we spend too MUCH time reading. I am trying to read little women it is quite interesting if you liked the movie the book is more detailed than the movie (and I’m only on the third chapter). I love classics that make sense and not full of things that cannot benefit, like books all on romance who has betrayed who it does make for an interesting book but I don’t personally care for that kind. I like a lot of Louisa May Alcott’s books, books like that, I did like princess academy but not any of the other books the author wrote. It is so hard to find books with out the unnecessary things in it.

But other than fiction, I love history especially anything before 1950. It is such fun to see how they lived their culture and how much it has changed.

I better sign off for today. 1 laptop 6 people it can get a bit hectic, especially in the morning.


I know this post isn’t exactly ordered right and it can be a bit confusing when read.

Pictures from Melville caves


     DSCF7033 crop

It was such a beautiful flower hardy and surviving in a harsh terrain full of rocks, on cliffs. Something so beautiful and small in a rough landscape. (I couldn’t exactly get a clear shot of it it was always blurry, but I thought it still a pretty photo even though it wasn’t perfect.)


It was a really great day. We climbed about the rocks (we had hiking boot with excellent traction so we didn’t slip or anything) and had fun, we did a bit of rock climbing too. My Grandparents came with us (we are living with them while we are here in Australia), my Uncle and his family came as well, which added more fun to the day (except for my 3 yrs old cousin who had to be carried more than 3/4 of the way up, not easy when you are climbing over rocks. My Aunt also almost blacked out from over heating and she was carrying their almost 4 month old baby). We were all enjoyed it (I think we did, at least my family and Uncles family did). We had a picnic and everything. It was AWESOME! I loved it. I’m an outdoor person I love trails, walks, sitting outside and what Yahuweh has created! Its just who I am.

It was just an awesome day!


The history of Melville caves is (what I can remember right now) the name Melville came from a bush ranger who hid from the cops in these caves he stole from the rich and gave to poor travelers, sort of like your Australian robin hood. In one cave that we went through was where he hid, and the other main one where he hid his horse. It was very interesting. It isn’t all nicely done up for tourist its more of a trail with history and a nice picnic area.

Brief story and first entry

I am going to use this Blog to post photos, stories of our travels and just everyday things.

Just a bit about myself at the beginning of this blog. I traveled with my family (of 6) for 5 years in a van and trailer (21 foot but only 18 feet of living space). We traveled between Canada and the States, and ministered to people down there. It was a hard but good 5 years. We grew closer as a family and grew individually too. Last year we backpacked across UK, Europe, then flew to the middle east. The trip took a total of 7 months. Then we came to Australia to visit family.

So that is my very brief story.


P.S the header of this blog (until I may change it) is a photo I took from a high hill in Vic, Australia