Pictures from Melville caves


     DSCF7033 crop

It was such a beautiful flower hardy and surviving in a harsh terrain full of rocks, on cliffs. Something so beautiful and small in a rough landscape. (I couldn’t exactly get a clear shot of it it was always blurry, but I thought it still a pretty photo even though it wasn’t perfect.)


It was a really great day. We climbed about the rocks (we had hiking boot with excellent traction so we didn’t slip or anything) and had fun, we did a bit of rock climbing too. My Grandparents came with us (we are living with them while we are here in Australia), my Uncle and his family came as well, which added more fun to the day (except for my 3 yrs old cousin who had to be carried more than 3/4 of the way up, not easy when you are climbing over rocks. My Aunt also almost blacked out from over heating and she was carrying their almost 4 month old baby). We were all enjoyed it (I think we did, at least my family and Uncles family did). We had a picnic and everything. It was AWESOME! I loved it. I’m an outdoor person I love trails, walks, sitting outside and what Yahuweh has created! Its just who I am.

It was just an awesome day!


The history of Melville caves is (what I can remember right now) the name Melville came from a bush ranger who hid from the cops in these caves he stole from the rich and gave to poor travelers, sort of like your Australian robin hood. In one cave that we went through was where he hid, and the other main one where he hid his horse. It was very interesting. It isn’t all nicely done up for tourist its more of a trail with history and a nice picnic area.


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