Yesterday my Mom took us kids to the library. We now have a new plan, instead of us kids going to the library with out her, and not really know what educational books to pick up, Mom and us kids will be walking to town about twice a week and borrowing books, walking around town and having lunch in town, Then walking back home. We did that yesterday, it is quite tiring but it felt SO good to walk. My Mom and I are walking people (LOL).

My sister and I are quite the book worms. I suppose that a good thing but a bad thing too we spend too MUCH time reading. I am trying to read little women it is quite interesting if you liked the movie the book is more detailed than the movie (and I’m only on the third chapter). I love classics that make sense and not full of things that cannot benefit, like books all on romance who has betrayed who it does make for an interesting book but I don’t personally care for that kind. I like a lot of Louisa May Alcott’s books, books like that, I did like princess academy but not any of the other books the author wrote. It is so hard to find books with out the unnecessary things in it.

But other than fiction, I love history especially anything before 1950. It is such fun to see how they lived their culture and how much it has changed.

I better sign off for today. 1 laptop 6 people it can get a bit hectic, especially in the morning.


I know this post isn’t exactly ordered right and it can be a bit confusing when read.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. I love books!!! =D They are my time teleporters and the bridge to places I would like to see that I can’t see in person {though it would be nice to actually go to the place…} 😀

    • I love reading books that you can actually feel like you can see what the author is describing. I find it such an enjoyment to read, but it is also a way of escaping the real world, and the problems around you.

      I often wonder why can’t I (which I’m sure I could if I put my mind to it) read the Bible with as much speed and interest as I do fiction stories? I haven’t really figured that one out.

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