Rain, Rain, Rain…… That is all we are getting right now. You can’t go out and play much, it’s cold and damp. The good thing is none of us have colds! I am so thankful for that. It’s no fun when anyone is sick. The flu season hasn’t started yet either so that’s an extra BONUS!

Another bonus is that the grass dries fast enough that we can still practice cartwheels (though we aren’t too good at it we try).

We have just finished the library and I can’t wait to start reading (as I have finished all my math). I am hoping to work on calligraphy today, I did some yesterday and it was fun. I don’t have the proper pen so I am using a black gel pen. It works pretty well, not the best but better than nothing. I just keep practicing and see how I get along with it. I was never one for art (as in painting, drawing, and that kind) but I am improving fast on my photography. That is one art –other than dancing- that I really enjoy and can do pretty well.

We all do something good we just have to find it, it took me a long time to find what gifts my Heavenly father has given me and I know I haven’t found them all yet. Some come faster than others. We have to work at some while others come naturally and we don’t even realize that they are there.


One thought on “Rain

  1. Yup, some things come naturally, while others you must strive for. But it’s those talents, fought for, are the ones most recognized and valued. Those who work for their passion can develop, hone and guard those skills and talents more than those whose talent comes naturally and are taken for granted.

    A favorite quote from a “survivalist:

    And remember, never, never, give up.”

    Well posted, although I missed the pictures, make sure you upload some next time.


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