Queen Victoria Market

Yesterday we went to Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne Victoria. And it rained the whole day…. oh well we can’t change the weather it was still a great day. Any way…. the history of it is quite interesting. It started as a small market then expanded, eventually it reached Melbourne’s first official cemetery. There were about 10,000 people buried there including the remains of John Batman (he was the founder of Melbourne). In 1917 when the market extended into the cemetery 914 bodies were exhumed and re-interred in other cemeteries. This leaves another just over 9,000 bodies still buried under the market.

The Vic Market in 2003 was equipped with 1,328  solar photovoltaic panels which cover 2000 square meters, and generates…….. 252,000 kilowatts of electricity each year!

Victoria Market is also the largest market in the southern hemisphere covering 17 acres. It is huge it is a very busy market but nothing compared to the shouk noise wise, but definitely bigger than other markets I’ve been to.

It has fruit and veg, and a whole building just for meat and fish, we heard one mum tell her kid “are you ready to go into the Kingdom of Meat?” my mom and I thought it was cute. The market also also has retail shops. The prices are not too bad. My dad got a new belt.

We loved our trip to Melbourne, We got to visit camping stores and ride on the trams….. the city is nice but it is just too busy for me I prefer the country or in a smaller town. It is just a too big and busy for me.

So that was our trip if you would like more information go to either Wikipedia or http://www.qvm.com.au/qvm/market_history.aspx  <- is the official site for Vic market history and what ever else you want to know.

We also saw a man rolling out rock candy! It was so neat to see him roll it and how they do it all. I got some pictures too. Ok now these ones are absolutely not the greatest of photos I have taken, and it doesn’t help that it was taken through glass.



Have a good weekend.


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