Handkerchief test

Two days ago we went down to Castlemaine, as a family. It was a damp morning so most of us wore sweaters and things. Some of us wore toques (or beanies), I didn’t have a warm hat so I wore one of my dads old hankies, folded like this…. that was one reason, the other was I wanted to do a test.

DSCF7634 croped  I wanted to see peoples reaction with people who wore bandanas and things like that on their heads. As you can see I am dressed modestly and this is usually how I dress. I  just decided that day I would put something on my head. To clarify things I don’t wear head coverings as I have said in the “about me” section, this was just a test.

As as far as an unplanned test goes I think I got the reaction I wanted……

No one that I passed would look me in the eye. When I dress as I normally do, people would smile and sometimes say hi, but as soon as I put the hankie on my head everyone acted different. It was as if I had something other than a hat on my head, I was an outsider, not normal, not one that they should associate with. There’s a group here in Australia called the Brethren, and they consider themselves perfect and better than anyone else, there are other religions too that try and push their beliefs of head coverings on people which gives them the wrong picture. It also puts pressure on those who like to wear scarfs on their head not because of religion but because they like to. So I can say that my test was accomplished, and I confirmed what I have known for a long time, if I put something on my head other than a hat, I am judged for someone I am not.

There are people who wear head coverings, as I have stated before if that is your conviction from our Heavenly Father, then go for it. I don’t have that conviction, but I do like wearing scarfs and things on my head for style or to keep my head warm.

Well I think that is it for now.

Have a great week, and hopefully it will be a warm one.

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6 thoughts on “Handkerchief test

  1. Hello Kimberly, I saw your blog link over at your dad’s and came here and I’m delighted to see your blog! and the pictures of flowers that you did were stunning! very, very beautiful! 🙂 I hope you will update when you’re in Israel, I’d love to read about your adventures 🙂

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