Today is final packing day! We will be heading to the Airport tonight after supper/tea at my Uncles house. We are having Pizzas!!

Here are some pictures of my what I pack in my backpack and what it looks like after. I also hope to remember to weigh it and post that too.

DSCF7753 (Beginning)


DSCF7758 (End product)

Weight 17.5 kg

We will be going directly to Jerusalem, then up to Afula where we will be house sitting. Last time we were in Israel we camped about 1/2 – 3/4 of the time not always fun so this will be a different experience.

And Yesterday I got myself a tin flute (tin whistle, penny whistle, Irish whistle) So maybe while we are there I could learn how to play it. My sister is taking her actual flute, but my dad is leaving his drum behind. It will be so much more easier to walk with out it. And hopefully all we have to carry when we get there is the laptop and that all the carryon’s will go in backpack upon leaving the airport.

Advice anyone going there you can either rent a car, or take the bus. The bus (pronounced boos) system is very good. If you are way out there they may get far and few but there will always be buses from after sunset saturday until 2:00 Friday.

Will post about our trip when we get there and I have time.


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