Is Israel Safe…

Many people have asked me if Israel is safe.  Blunt simple answer is…. Yes, Israel is safe. I know that for a fact and coming here confirms it. Here in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, Jewish children run around playing with no worry of terrorist or things like that. Yes, parents and relatives keep an eye on them but they’re not like stay close, duck for cover every time you see someone that’s not a Jew or something like that. It’s not like that, girls the age of twelve go to the shuk to do the shopping, girls my age walk around the streets.

But people do take precautions for their own safety. Unless the area is completely safe they take precautions. I have seen ordinary citizens carry a gun (in clear view) around for protection, parents making sure their children stay close when out of their community. Same as many people in North America, even Australia. I must say being here is a whole lot safer than staying in the big cities of North America where at least 1-2 murders happen a day in many of them. Here, if something happens even down in Eilat we hear of it, (if you pick up the daily news paper).

I feel safe here, even with the military on the streets with guns, that just makes me feel safer because I know if something did happen, they would be right there to help. But you should always ask someone, such as a tourist information office, where should I Not go. If there are any problem areas they will tell you, and you should always ask, because maybe it wasn’t before but it is now. Just stay out of problem areas and you’re fine.


Today we went down to the City of David with a friend and a guy that Dad and Mom met at the Hostel here. It was good, they have done more excavations. If you ever make it to Israel, you’ve gotta make a stop to the city of David. Go through Hezekiah’s tunnel, warrens shaft, and see David’s Palace, it is just so amazing there! I also really enjoyed it this time because it’s spring/summer and the flowers are in bloom, and the city of David has beautiful flowers, so I took some time to capture the moment….

                                               DSCF7931 signedDSCF7934 signedThese are very beautiful flowersDSCF7935 signed

                          I am very pleased of how sharp these images turned out.DSCF7942 signed                                                DSCF7945 signed DSCF7949 signed                                  DSCF7950 signed

                                                        DSCF7951 Signed

Shabbat Shalom Everyone!!


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