Israeli flowers

Israel has some interesting plants. They are quite hardy for the heat they have to endure. They don’t even need to be watered frequently.

DSCF8145 I don’t know what it is called but the petals are just like tissue paper. They seem to thrive without water. And grow everywhere.

DSCF8163 These are the same flowers, only they are white.

DSCF8176 There is a cactus growing near the balcony that’s flowers are starting to bloom.

DSCF8180This is a picture of the whole plant. As you can see it has quite a few buds.


It’s interesting all the different plants you can see in another country.


4 thoughts on “Israeli flowers

  1. I’d love to have seen and felt the tissue paper flowers.. and the cactus flowers, orange and yellow from the same one plant! I love how you take pictures of flowers, really pretty colours 🙂 Praise YHWH for the colours!!! can you imagine if there was no colour, just black, white and grey? blah 🙂

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