What if….

Its amazing how much time we can waste on things that are not worth it. I have been watching a lot of TV lately and I didn’t realize how much time it takes and for the majority it’s not worth it. I  don’t mind watching it every once in a while but not everyday like I have been doing. I didn’t have time even to take pictures those days.

So, we put away the remotes the other day, and my sister and I actually had time to go through our stuff and get rid of things. There is not much to get rid of but it’s sure interesting what you can find that you really don’t need, but brought anyway.

It has been good and we have gotten more things done than we have in a while. So it’s good. Plus we don’t go to bed as late.

Today some of us walked down to the grocery store, as usual. It was a good walk. We were talking about how we would miss this place when we leave. I smile when I see this land but I feel like crying when I think about leaving. My heart is here so therefore I will always come back. Where ever I go.

This Shabbat I think will be a good one. So I hope you have a good one too.


Psa 27:13  What if I had not believed To see the goodness of יהוה In the land of the living!

I read this verse and I got to thinking, you know what would have happened if I had not believed? I can’t say what might have happened, but it is an interesting thought. What would have happened if I had not believed, to see His goodness in the land of the living? I can’t answer that but it was an actually interesting perspective, that David had. We may not have an easy life right now, but what kind of a life would we have if we were not following Him right now.


3 thoughts on “What if….

  1. We watch almost no TV in my house, and our lives are so much better for it. Psalm 27:13, which you list at the end of your post, is planted firmly in my head because we have some CDs by a singer named Sherri Youngward. She has a beautiful voice and actually sings many of the Psalms to music, including Psalm 27:13. In the interest of full disclosure, she is a Christian, but she has plenty of material from the Tanakh. G-d bless you!

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