Ants and Peanut Butter

We learnt a scientific fact the other day about ants. Not all ants like sweet foods, there are some that prefer protein. We went on the internet searching this because, the house here has an ant problem and it is not a problem with food, but that they bite us at night. We put out sugar and water mixed with laundry soap (its supposed to kill them) but they ignored it, so we put out peanut butter mixed with soap and……



(Sugar and water in the little container behind peanut butter)


Welcome to the world of peanut butter!

So next time you want to see LOTS of ants or have an ant problem try peanut butter and laundry soap. Only one dilemma, I don’t know if it actually kills the ants yet. We just put it down today. So if it works let me know!


5 thoughts on “Ants and Peanut Butter

    • Yea there were lots of them, but mysteriously the peanut butter under my bed goes by untouched, but I still wake up with fresh bites from those little ants. I guess I must taste better….

      • lol when I first read your comment I thought you said isn’t that fun! …no way! I thought, but then I got it right after I reread it lol.

        Good news though, the ants seem to have stopped biting me for the time being. Now I can sleep! 🙂 Although the old bites still have yet to heal, so they still itch a bit if it’s a hot night that night.

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