Exciting News! (with a bit of sad on the side)

We are now in Jerusalem, we were in Samaria for a few days visiting friends that were working in the vineyards, with the Waller group/Ya’hovel (if I spelled that right). We also got to help out in the vineyard. Its fun but not my line of work, I also got a nasty sunburn. Its blistering right now, right on the back of my neck. Oh so, very painful!

But it was worth it… I think, but I should have stayed out of the sun yesterday! It just made it worse.

Oh and some unfortunate news, my family’s mp3 officially died today, at least its unfortunate for me, actually its sad. I’m pretty sure my parents will be glad to see me with out the ear buds on.

It’s been my way of zoning out for the last 7 months. I’ve always found it easier that way, listening to praise music, I just feel so in tuned with Him. But maybe He’s teaching me not to rely on that music and learn to praise Him with the tin flute. I won’t say with singing because it is no pleasant sound, when I do it, and besides I can’t sing while playing the tin flute, so no loss there! But the words are important I think, the music is nice but isn’t it the words, that count?

I find it hard to practice because I don’t sound good at all, and we are in a hotel so that doesn’t sound fair to the other guests. Too all the music is on my dads laptop so to get to it isn’t really an easy thing to do. I really should get going on it. I did use it for a time earlier this year but people got tired of hearing the same song over and over, because I couldn’t totally remember the other songs I was learning or they got annoying too, so I stopped. I still bring it out every once and a while but I only play the songs up to 3 times before I put it away and I don’t attempt to learn anything new because, it sounds awful when I learn new ones. So to save peoples nerves and ears I leave it alone.

I’m not upset with anyone, and if I am it would be with myself, because I don’t have the self-esteem to pull it out and believe that I can get that tube of tin to sound nice! Its in note C and most music is made for D so its harder. But He has a reason for it, and I need to learn how to play it, because I know once I learn how its going to be a blessing to me. I just need to find that courage to pull it out and risk being told to stop playing.

On a better note I got a new !!!camera!!! Dad and Mom got it for me! Yahuweh knows that I’ve been praying for one, for a long time. It’s a Sony Cybershot, with 20 optical zoom and 18.2 megapixels! It’s a compact, and has more features on it than I will ever use! On a regular basis I mean. Of course I’ll use them all one day even if it is just once. It’s AWESOME! It takes twice as good pictures as my old one!

I can’t wait to get out and use it, it even has a gourmet food setting, so I can take better pictures of food. But when do I do that? Like I said so many features, I’ve even got one of those flexible tripods! I’ve always liked them.

Its like a dream come true! It still hasn’t really hit me that I’ve actually got a new camera. I still can’t believe that its mine, that its here, and that a dream is actually coming true!

I’ve been looking at getting into photojournalism, so this will be a big step in my process of getting there.

I heard something interesting while in Samaria:

“Many times we see possibilities,

Good possibilities, but will not go for them,

Because they are not perfect,

So we dismiss these good possibilities, because they are not perfect, and end up not doing anything.

Wouldn’t it be better to tryout these possibilities and of they aren’t right, trust Father will close the door. Instead of missing out on everything, by waiting for something perfect to plop into our lap.”

Interesting perspective isn’t it. Those aren’t the exact words but as close as I can remember.

Anyway, I think that’s all for tonight. I should post another one latter on, maybe with a picture from my new camera! Ok I’m kinda giddy about the camera if you couldn’t tell.


Sukkot Memories

So we’re in Israel. We are going to be here for Sukkot! Both the Rabbinical and the New moon. They’re at different times this year.

Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, Festival of Booths, Wedding Feast, etc.


Lev 23:39  ‘On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you gather in the fruit of the land, observe the festival of יהוה for seven days. On the first day is a rest, and on the eighth day a rest.
Lev 23:40  ‘And you shall take for yourselves on the first day the fruit of good trees, branches of palm trees, twigs of leafy trees, and willows of the stream, and shall rejoice before יהוה your Elohim for seven days.
Lev 23:41  ‘And you shall observe it as a festival to יהוה for seven days in the year – a law forever in your generations. Observe it in the seventh month.
Lev 23:42  ‘Dwell in booths for seven days; all who are native Yisra’ĕlites dwell in booths,

It’s very basic, but major.

Since 2005 we spent all our Sukkots friends in PA,

One of the memorable ones was when all us kids spent the week under the stars.

Mega size bed

We did this in 2007. And it was Awesome! A bit scary at first but totally worth it!

One night all us kids were already asleep, and well we didn’t find out until the morning that the cow and horse had gotten out and were running around everywhere last night. So, the adults said that while getting the animals back into the pasture, they also had to stand guard around us kids so we wouldn’t get trampled. We didn’t hear a word, nor did we even guess what happened. Until our parents told us.

there were 6 of us most nights and 1 or 2 nights there was about 8-10, of us out there. Boys on one side girls on the other. We didn’t have two tarps big enough, to have separate tarps.

But it was really good.

In 2009 then we went to one in Missouri. Where we met even more people.

After that one we had one in Nova Scotia. It was a great Sukkot! I missed all the people of course but it was a nice family one.

South Shore, N.S 023 This is how we cooked for 95% of the time. You like our Sukkah?

When we had to move to a different site, we tried to take it with us. The whole campground I think was laughing for a week. They said we looked like the Flintstones (you know the cartoon, I don’t think I spelt the name right but, oh well). Sorry but I don’t have a picture of it.

Sadly it didn’t last the move. But you wanna see what we did with it afterwards!?

South Shore, N.S 063

No he’s not injured, but it was only strong enough to bear his weight. So he was the Ginnea pig. We walked all around the campground with him like that. He said it was quite comfortable if he wasn’t so afraid of falling! We never dropped him.

So those are some of the most memorable sukkots that I can post about at this moment.

There’s always something memorable about them all. These have been my favorite so far though, and there’s going to be many, many more in the future.

So I’m signing off for now.

Wilderness Beauty

DSCF8957 signed and saturation

Beauty can come from the most unexpected places,

It can come from the inside,

Where not many look

It can come from a barren place,

Where not even the fields green,


We’ve been in the “wilderness” for a few years, and I’ve learnt that it isn’t all as bad as people put it out to be. Yes it is hard, I pray for a place to settle. A place where I can be with people who I can grow and mature with.

But for the moment, Father has me in the wilderness. Which until this point I never realized how beautiful a desert rose is. Its like a miracle, how could something so beautiful grow in such a barren place?

The answer, having Him as our caretaker, as our gardener. The flowers grow without weeds that would choke them, and the weak of heart either grow strong or fade. That may sound brutal, but its true. It’s a die or survive thing.

He can show us how to bloom, and grow, without the miracle grow stuff, which is like the quick and easy way.

So, the wilderness, yes, is a trial, and I do pray that Father will allow us to settle soon, but it isn’t as bad as people put it out to be. It can really be a place for a person to grow, for the better. Because out there He’s not going to take any baulking, its do or don’t.

It shows who’s truly in this with Him, and who’s just along for the ride.

Back Next Door

OK! So we are now back across the border!

We left Jordan on Tuesday (yesterday), crossed the border. Which was a really nice crossing. Everyone was friendly and smiling. It was really great. Of course Dad, Joseph and I had our bags searched, but that was because we had:


berkey (our metal water filter)

metal bowl,


Multi tool,

canned food,


but mostly cans


Multi tool,


tin flute,

But the great news is! I beat Dad and Joseph packing up again. Dad says I take a long time to pack up, and that I need to work on packing faster. But I beat him! YIPPY! I felt like having a party at that moment, I almost wish I timed myself like I did with my sleeping bag before we left Afula. But that probably would be too much, especially at border security. It was great though. The whole border thing was good. Then we find out that the bus to Jerusalem wasn’t until 4:30 because of Rosh Hashanah, so we got a bit frazzled at that but Father used that.

We went to stay at a hostel in Eliat named The Shelter. It’s a christian run hostel, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you have a family, great, its near a big playground, if you come as a group or by yourself, there’s always great people to talk to. The beach isn’t that far. It’s just all around great!

We rested up, then today we got on the 10:00 bus and went to Jerusalem, then caught a bus to Afula. We are now back at the same house that we house sited last month, but down in the apartment. Only for a couple of days though. Its been a good day.

When we arrived back in The Land, I found that I connected with the land but not with the people and the culture. After being over in Jordan, I see how much Israel is like North America. How people act and dress. Its nothing like Jordan. Of course Israel is a country all of its own. It’s a awesome country, but it doesn’t really have a culture. Its not middle eastern nor is it totally western. Its just kinda in-between. I still love it here, not for the culture, nor for the way things are here, but for the land.

Its great to be back. And its going to be a great fall!

My Week!

Shabbat Shalom!

Let me catch you up to speed on this week.

So, nothing big happened earlier this week, but we did go on a day trip to see Little Petra on Thursday. We drove the Kings Way, and through all the mountains. Saw Bedouin camps, and so much more!

The drive was Beautiful, who knew that a place as rugged as this could be so beautiful.

DSCF8899 signed

We had the windows down and the wind blowing in our hair

DSCF8855 signed

It was really neat! It’s smaller than Petra, and archeologist say that Little Petra was probably an important suburb. At Lil Petra you can climb and go into the caves, but in Petra you can’t go into them all. It was really a sight. And if Lil Petra was this good I can only imagine what Petra looks like!

DSCF8923 croped and signed

The people that lived in Petra called the Nabataeans, they were originally from the Saudi Arabia (the Arabian peninsula), and then moved up here 2200 years ago. The Nabataeans controlled a big part of the trade routes. They tolled and protected caravans. Their empire went all the way up to Damascus, to part of the Sinai and the Negev. It wasn’t easy because the Greeks were fighting for this region also. So it was difficult to hang on to it. But despite this they held on and thrived. Until they fell, to the Romans. It didn’t help that because of the spread of Christianity that the trade of frankincense and myrrh were down. As this was their main export. And eventually Petra and other Nabataean towns and achievements were in ruin.

In little Petra, there were many high places where people would sacrifice to other gods. There was even a spot where they did human sacrifices. I didn’t get to see it but my dad and brother climbed up there, and saw it.

It was over all a good day!

Then yesterday we went to see some people, who had a roof garden. Which was awesome because they had flowers! And its been a long time since I was able to take pictures of flowers. So I was happy.

But before we went there. We went to see a lady who showed us a satellite map of Israel and Jordan. She showed us how things that were said in the Bible, such as the first prophecy of Yahushua. About how the serpent would crush His heel and the seed of the woman would crush its head. It has a literal picture of it in the layout of the land. Its really quite neat! I can’t describe it you would have to see it the map. She also showed us about the stars and how Yahuweh taught Job from them. It is really quite interesting. And you never woulda guessed, and I can’t explain it, its just Wow! Every night we look up and see the stars and its actually the whole story of the Bible! Who woulda-thunk-it!

Anyway its just been a good week. Learned lots, got lots of sun (we’re proof of that because we’re sunburnt), and had lots of fun!

This was typed on 9/15/2012 but will not be posted until a later date.

Trust with out going CRAZY

Have you ever experienced a peace but feel restless? and keep hitting a wall, until you’re hitting the wall with your head saying “OK, already’! “I trust you, and I’m waiting on you, but couldn’t you hurry it up a little?! I’m going stir crazy down here!”

That’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m trusting Him, trusting Him to provide everything, and show me what to do next. But I’m going a little stir crazy especially when He’s just saying “wait and pray”.

I’m reminded of the verse

Pro 3:5  Trust in יהוה with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

It puts me in check when I read it. I know He’s up there just sayin “trust and wait, stop trying to analyze things”. And I’m down here saying “Hurry up, I’m getting stir crazy and my patience is wearing thin”. I have patience but it sometimes only goes so far, and He’s stretching it. That’s probably a good thing, I sure could use more. But I’m driving my family up the wall, with my pacing (not literally).

I’m trusting Him and waiting for His timing but at this point time seems to be running short. I keep asking Him if I’ve done anything to disrupt the flow of His timing, but He just says to keep praying.

So last night I did something I haven’t done in a while. I gave everything to my Abba.

I gave it to Him, I gave everything to Him, including myself.

You can’t do that enough. As I said, I trusted Him, but I didn’t give it to Him. There’s a difference. You can trust Him and carry the burden on your own shoulders, you can give it to Him and put it on the shelf and forget to trust Him on it, or you can both trust Him on it and give it to Him. I did that last night. I still feel the need to pray, but I don’t feel like I’m carrying everything. Its in His hands, and because of that it is in the best hands it could ever be in.

And you can do it too. You’ve just gotta ask Him. Its that simple, it may seem hard, but it really isn’t. Ok for someone that doesn’t like anyone helping them, then yeah it’s a bit harder. I can understand that.

Most people (especially my parents) say I’m dependent on people, but I’m also independent. I don’t like asking for help and, I’m not real fond of accepting help. Something I’m working on. But it’s a trial, accepting and asking for help has been a big thing for me, I suppose it comes from pride. Most people see me as incapable, so I try not to show any weakness or need for help. I’m always trying to find a way to prove myself, and I hate dislike being dependent on anyone, and I know that’s wrong. I know I can’t do everything myself, and that Yahuweh works through people to help me. But I still struggle, I just don’t like accepting help, but I’ve gotten better over the years. At least I think I have or maybe it seems that way because no one has offered to help with my backpack, or things like that for a while. I guess I need to work on this a little more.

After my dad reads this post he’s going to be talking to me about this, being dependent, independent, and accepting help thing.

I think I just need to get over the fear of being seen as an incapable, frail, girl, that can’t do squat. I’ve always been scared of that ever since I turned 13 and people started calling me a young lady. I didn’t want to get walked over so I tried to become more tough and pushed anyone who wanted to help me away. A mistake I made, and a hard one to unlearn, and undo.

Being an older sister -and having my younger sister turning 13 in the near future-I don’t want her to make that mistake. I don’t want her to let people walk over her, but I don’t want her to push people away. I want her to be proud (in a good way) of becoming a young lady. Not be scared of it like I was.

I still bristle and wince at the word young lady. It was never used in a bad way, it wasn’t a step in life that I was ever thrilled about because it wasn’t talked about nor clarified, on how, what, I should behave, if I should be any different. Because after I turned 13 my brothers friends dads told them that they had to start treating me as a young lady. And that included holding the door open, letting me go first, picking up heavy things for me. I chaffed under that. I mean it was good and everything, but as I explained above…..

It just confused me, made me feel like I wasn’t who I was and that I had to change. I resented that. So I tried to push away anything girly. Not in the way I dress, obviously, but in the way I act. I try to show people I can be as tough as any boy, and that causes people to back off a lot. Not a good thing when you’re trying to make friends.

So that is my long story, on this issue. There’s actually more but that would just take forever. Besides I’m sure I’ve bored you 1/2 to sleep.

1 Tim 4:12

DSCF7939 croped and signed


This was taken in Israel but I forgot about it until today. We are still in Jordan. And it’s been good. I like the people here too.

Here’s a verse someone sent me from a Bible Verse Swap Email.

1Ti 4:12 Let no one make little of you because you are young, but be an example to the church in word, in behavior, in love, in faith, in holy living.

So for us youth, this is a good verse to think on. Just because we are young it does not mean that we cannot be mature in our faith, and that we have to follow what the world says teenagers do and rebel against our parents. Yes as a teen we are trying to find our place. But it doesn’t mean that just because Mom and Dad said to be home by 10:00 we push the limit. As teenagers we need to start taking responsibility and understand that if we stay out later than 10:00 we most likely are going to get up late tomorrow, and be late.

Last night Mom, Erin and I went to help a single mum get settled in her apartment. And while we were out cleaning the front porch, the neighbor hood kids came over and started speaking in Arabic to us. But of course we have no idea what they were saying so when they figured out that we spoke English they tried to communicate with the little English they knew. It was asked every 2 minutes “what’s your name”. They also knew how to count to 10 in English. It amazes me that these kids between the ages of 6-10 knew this much English. I am guilty to say, I only know how to say “thank you” and “no” in their language. But they were friendly and it didn’t bother them about the communication barrier.

We had a good time. We dusted the furniture, swept and scrubbed the floor. The lady has 2 children and is 6 months pregnant. So she could use the help.

Shabbat Shalom, have a good, peaceful Sabbath.

And remember that just because we may be young, we are still the next generation, of those who will serve Him.

Short Trip Out of Town

Today my brother and I went with a friend to the Jordanian University, here in Aqaba. It’s just outside of the city, near the Airport. An international Airport, but it’s quite small for one.

Anyway on the way there, I was looking around, and I was surprised to see all these boulders/big rocks, lying around everywhere. And these rocks would fit perfectly together with out having to hammer or chisel them into shape. It made me understand how easy it was for the Israelites to build and alter. I mean to find the stones to build with, not picking them up and stacking them. I doubt I could even move some of them. Well, I would be weaker than most of their senior citizens, so…..


Sorry but it’s a bit blurry. Over by those hills is Israel.

DSCF8798 signed deepened

This is the front entrance of the university. Classes don’t start until the 19, Sept. So there aren’t many students there.

Our friend is a friend of a computer professor. So he showed us around and answered our questions.

We had a good time. We found out that Jordan has about 25 universities. 20 of which are private the other 5 are government funded Universities. Jordan University is based in Ammon, but has one branch in Aqaba.

The difference is for example: at a government Uni for a certain class you would pay 3000JD, where at a private Uni for the exact same class you would pay about 6000JD. And to get into a Government Uni you have to have good grades in high school. So its Study hard or pay the price. Literally.

Also Jordan has a high number of college graduates. But not enough jobs. There are approximately 150 people per job. So many leave the country, to get better jobs, better salary, etc, etc.

So that is my very brief description of the University, and our time there.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Follow Up Post

Here is a follow up post to the other one.

We moved from the other apartment. Yahuweh said that we were not supposed to stay in that one. So now we are in a smaller apartment, in the 3rd area (they don’t use street names much just areas). We used to be in the 8th area.

This apartment, yes, is smaller but closer to the shops. It’s in a nice neighborhood too, and so was the other one, it’s the same in that aspect. We are also not far away from the China Mall. I’ve not seen it yet but everyone else has (my own doing). I’ll see it soon though.

Aqaba is really nice. Once you get past the initial culture shock. I can’t say that I immediately loved it, no at first felt like -and I still do feel like-, as Abraham said “I am a stranger in a strange land”. I feel like a fish out of water here, but in case you didn’t know there is a fish that can live out of the water for a while. Then there are those flying fish…. So it is just a matter of feeling out of place.

It is quite different in some ways. In the western world, most people don’t openly stare. Here it’s a bit different. Kinda unnerving too but you get through it. It isn’t as bad as I put it out to be. As I’m not really used to the outside world, and I usually duck for cover when I see people coming, which, is what I did for years. I can’t do that anymore, with all the traveling we do. It’s just a different culture here, I’m almost getting, not the word used to it, that sounds too.. well…. used it it. Lets just say it doesn’t make me want to go hide and never come out anymore. My family knows I‘m notorious for that.

But you should see how they drive here! It’s Awesome! Makes me want to get my drivers license, but then again makes me not want to get behind the wheel. Almost every time I get in a car here I’m laughing. This may sound very immature to you all but, I even smile about it now just thinking about it. They are very civilized in their driving though. And the drivers here have got to be pretty good. To keep their cars on the road. LOL

The people here are quite friendly. I like them, they are courteous and nice, but business like as well.

Here is a view from the main street in Aqaba.

DSCF8779 signed

Across the water is Egypt, well actually the Sinai, I think. And just to tell you, no, I’m not standing in the middle of the street, I’m in a car. If I was I don’t think I would be in the apartment at the moment. LOL.

They don’t always stop for pedestrians and at times they will speed up to get you moving.

This post is late but pretty much up to date.