Short Trip Out of Town

Today my brother and I went with a friend to the Jordanian University, here in Aqaba. It’s just outside of the city, near the Airport. An international Airport, but it’s quite small for one.

Anyway on the way there, I was looking around, and I was surprised to see all these boulders/big rocks, lying around everywhere. And these rocks would fit perfectly together with out having to hammer or chisel them into shape. It made me understand how easy it was for the Israelites to build and alter. I mean to find the stones to build with, not picking them up and stacking them. I doubt I could even move some of them. Well, I would be weaker than most of their senior citizens, so…..


Sorry but it’s a bit blurry. Over by those hills is Israel.

DSCF8798 signed deepened

This is the front entrance of the university. Classes don’t start until the 19, Sept. So there aren’t many students there.

Our friend is a friend of a computer professor. So he showed us around and answered our questions.

We had a good time. We found out that Jordan has about 25 universities. 20 of which are private the other 5 are government funded Universities. Jordan University is based in Ammon, but has one branch in Aqaba.

The difference is for example: at a government Uni for a certain class you would pay 3000JD, where at a private Uni for the exact same class you would pay about 6000JD. And to get into a Government Uni you have to have good grades in high school. So its Study hard or pay the price. Literally.

Also Jordan has a high number of college graduates. But not enough jobs. There are approximately 150 people per job. So many leave the country, to get better jobs, better salary, etc, etc.

So that is my very brief description of the University, and our time there.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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