My Week!

Shabbat Shalom!

Let me catch you up to speed on this week.

So, nothing big happened earlier this week, but we did go on a day trip to see Little Petra on Thursday. We drove the Kings Way, and through all the mountains. Saw Bedouin camps, and so much more!

The drive was Beautiful, who knew that a place as rugged as this could be so beautiful.

DSCF8899 signed

We had the windows down and the wind blowing in our hair

DSCF8855 signed

It was really neat! It’s smaller than Petra, and archeologist say that Little Petra was probably an important suburb. At Lil Petra you can climb and go into the caves, but in Petra you can’t go into them all. It was really a sight. And if Lil Petra was this good I can only imagine what Petra looks like!

DSCF8923 croped and signed

The people that lived in Petra called the Nabataeans, they were originally from the Saudi Arabia (the Arabian peninsula), and then moved up here 2200 years ago. The Nabataeans controlled a big part of the trade routes. They tolled and protected caravans. Their empire went all the way up to Damascus, to part of the Sinai and the Negev. It wasn’t easy because the Greeks were fighting for this region also. So it was difficult to hang on to it. But despite this they held on and thrived. Until they fell, to the Romans. It didn’t help that because of the spread of Christianity that the trade of frankincense and myrrh were down. As this was their main export. And eventually Petra and other Nabataean towns and achievements were in ruin.

In little Petra, there were many high places where people would sacrifice to other gods. There was even a spot where they did human sacrifices. I didn’t get to see it but my dad and brother climbed up there, and saw it.

It was over all a good day!

Then yesterday we went to see some people, who had a roof garden. Which was awesome because they had flowers! And its been a long time since I was able to take pictures of flowers. So I was happy.

But before we went there. We went to see a lady who showed us a satellite map of Israel and Jordan. She showed us how things that were said in the Bible, such as the first prophecy of Yahushua. About how the serpent would crush His heel and the seed of the woman would crush its head. It has a literal picture of it in the layout of the land. Its really quite neat! I can’t describe it you would have to see it the map. She also showed us about the stars and how Yahuweh taught Job from them. It is really quite interesting. And you never woulda guessed, and I can’t explain it, its just Wow! Every night we look up and see the stars and its actually the whole story of the Bible! Who woulda-thunk-it!

Anyway its just been a good week. Learned lots, got lots of sun (we’re proof of that because we’re sunburnt), and had lots of fun!

This was typed on 9/15/2012 but will not be posted until a later date.


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