Wilderness Beauty

DSCF8957 signed and saturation

Beauty can come from the most unexpected places,

It can come from the inside,

Where not many look

It can come from a barren place,

Where not even the fields green,


We’ve been in the “wilderness” for a few years, and I’ve learnt that it isn’t all as bad as people put it out to be. Yes it is hard, I pray for a place to settle. A place where I can be with people who I can grow and mature with.

But for the moment, Father has me in the wilderness. Which until this point I never realized how beautiful a desert rose is. Its like a miracle, how could something so beautiful grow in such a barren place?

The answer, having Him as our caretaker, as our gardener. The flowers grow without weeds that would choke them, and the weak of heart either grow strong or fade. That may sound brutal, but its true. It’s a die or survive thing.

He can show us how to bloom, and grow, without the miracle grow stuff, which is like the quick and easy way.

So, the wilderness, yes, is a trial, and I do pray that Father will allow us to settle soon, but it isn’t as bad as people put it out to be. It can really be a place for a person to grow, for the better. Because out there He’s not going to take any baulking, its do or don’t.

It shows who’s truly in this with Him, and who’s just along for the ride.


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