Life, How it is Now.

So this is the first picture to be posted that was taken with my new camera. I’m very happy with the new camera, it focuses a lot better than my old one. I got many good pictures out of that one, but I’m sure I’ll get many more with the new one.

I don’t think I’ve said where we are now. No last I posted was that we were going to move north. Well we did, and we’re in Afula again.

Dad’s been in a lot of pain, he still is. He was able to carry his pack to the tram then off and into the central bus station. Which was a miracle considering that all our packs were heavier than usual. Joseph  and I had to carry our packs plus dads to the bus, then off and over to our next bus. Not an easy task, when you’re carrying a pack that weighs at least 35 pounds, and helping to carry another one that’s about the same weight.

Dad carried it with Joseph, on and off that bus. Then Joseph and I carried it for a 7 minute walk to the house where we’re staying.

And I will put this in now, I’m very Frustrated!!!!! My pack is So heavy! I’ve done everything I can think of to lighten it! Someone gave us a new laptop and that is now in my pack, and with 6 people you need more than one and our old one is dying, but seriously you would think my pack would be lighter than it is! It is So annoying. I am at the point, that I have not reached before. Now instead of worrying if I will need this or that, I don’t care as long as I have:

  • my bedding

sleeping bag, sheet, thermarest

  • sweater
  • tent
  • camera (can’t leave home with out it)
  • Bible (no way I can leave that out)
  • rain gear

coat, rain cover for pack

  • clothes (which I need to down size on)

(Mom carries the pots and stove)

Everything else can go…….. I am sick and tired of having to carry this heavy thing. I want to go light, I want to be able to walk with it, not stumble under its weight!

I’ve also seen the need to change how I dress. Its a very small change really.

New idea for clothes:

3 shirts (1 long 2 short) check (but need one new tee)

3 undershirts (1 long merino, 2 tanks) check

2 skirts (one long one short) check

1 pant not check (still need to work on)

a few scarves too (very usefull)

That’s the basics.

I’ve decided that I’ve gone long enough without a pair of pants. I can do anything…… well…. almost anything, in a skirt. I didn’t realize that there is a very distinct difference in what you can do or how well you can do something in a skirt compared to pants. I’m understanding why women adopted pants in the first place. When we went to little Petra, I wanted to rock climb (well to the best of my ability) but because of my only having skirts I could not. It was not only the issue of people being able to see up it, but also the fact that well skirts can be confining. I still love my skirts, but I feel that the time has come for a pair of pants to come in the picture. I haven’t worn any pants except pj pants, for 2 years or more. I’ll probably wear a skirt over top most likely.

So now that you’ve heard my rant. Lets get on with the news!

Its getting cooler, Thank Yah!

We are supposed to get rain, and a possible thunderstorm, I am very excited for the rain! I have MISSED it, seeing the grass (what grass?) turn green (ok so there is grass, just not in areas that don’t get the sprinkler system) after the rain. 🙂

We are also getting over our colds, except for Joseph who is starting one. We are praying hard for dad, and I believe with all my heart that Yahuweh is going to heal him, and that he’s going to be 100% better. He’s been sick/in pain for almost a week now.

So not much in my world.

Oh and the people here have guests, so the house is full. But they allowed us to set up our tents in their yard. I love the our new 2 man, traillight Marmot tents! Theres plenty of room for two people, but then again I’m sharing it with my younger sister, but there is still room, and room for you to sit up. Mom and Dad got a 3 man again.

As I’ve said before, I’m not so much about comfort and what I “might” need, anymore, but what I am using, and what I will use for sure. And to save my back. I would rather be without some things, than have a bad back. When I lifted my pack in Jerusalem to put it on, before coming here, I felt my back crack and twist uncomfortably. All due to too much weight, so out goes more things, and in goes less. Maybe I’ll have room to put in food. I could fit it in now but the weight of my pack will not allow it.

Enough of this, I’ve been mulling this over and its good to finally get it down in words.

I will sign off now.


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