New Friends

We have some new friends! Ok, so they’re cats…. but they’re still cute, even though they are feral.

Cats in Afula 001 brighten and signThis is Panther

Cats in Afula 018 darken and signedand Patches

There are more, but Panther is almost always around in the mornings and late afternoon. Patches comes when she’s around. The others are less friendly, and came latter on.

I know, once again we’ve got cat friends. We seem to make them where ever we go.

I guess it’s a substitute, because with all the traveling we can’t have pets. And cats will continue on life once we aren’t there anymore, where dogs become loyal. That and I don’t think our parents will let us make friends with a stray dog. Probably smart.

One day when we settle down I would like to get a pet. But that’s all up to my Heavenly Father.


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