My Day

Afula 048 signed

Its been raining for the last two days. But that’s nice, because it’s cooled down everything, and the last time we were here and it rained we were in tents. Not fun to be in tents when you have winter rain. But its SO nice because we have an actual roof and walls. I like it when it rains. Its always fun, except when you’re in tents.

I talked Mom into walking down to the grocery store even though it was going to rain. It was AWESOME! I love walking in the rain! I think I smiled all the way to the grocery store. Ben came with us and Joseph caught up near the bottom.

Afula 053 signed

Down below is Afula. I took more pictures of Afula today than I did last time we were here.

Afula 056 signed

More Bougainvillea! I told you they grow like weeds here.

It was a good morning. BTW: When Mom passed under the flowers I shook it and sprayed the water on Mom. That was funny.

After all that we caught the bus and came home. That was pretty much my morning.


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