Backpacks Again!

Yesterday when we went grocery shopping in town we went to look at backpacks. Not big hiking backpacks but more like school backpacks. Which we have noticed over time would have been a big help in the past but didn’t take the time to pick any up until now.

They will be a big help for when we go to places and don’t need the big ones.

Afula 045 signedThis ones mine, Joseph also liked this one but decided to let me have it as he had his eye on another one. It’s a swiss pack, made to carry a 14 inch laptop, but it carries my hydration bladder perfectly (that’s the tube you see sticking out).

Afula 047Not a very good picture of inside it but it will have to do.

Afula 052 signedThis is one of the self portraits I don’t mind posting. My head wasn’t supposed to be cut off but, it looks pretty good that way.

The pack will also be my Photography bag. I probably won’t leave home with out it now.

Afula 063 signedMom’s been needing a backpack purse for awhile. Its much easier than her old purses.

Afula 056 signedErin’s pink one is totally her. In her hand is a book mark that she is almost finished cross stitching, I won’t comment about the one I’m supposed to be completing.

Afula 069 signedBen is quite happy with his. E & B’s bags are almost the same.

Joseph hasn’t gotten one yet and I don’t know what dad’s decided.

These are NOT, I repeat are NOT an excuse to collect more things. Actually for me its an excuse to get rid of things WHOOOHOOO! Not that there’s much. But with the extra backpack, I don’t want to look like an over excessive backpacker. Because I’m not, its all I own. So I’m determined to lessen the load on my back, stick the tent IN the pack and still be able to run! That’s my plan so we’ll see how far I get in that. Last year I disliked the fact that my pack looked like a mammoth, and I am not going to let it look like that now. Especially now.

So these are our new packs. But who knew one could be so happy with so little and 1/3 of it I don’t use. Pretty ironic don’t you think? I’m content with little, I don’t need many things to keep me happy. We’ve learnt to live with not having much, and in my opinion we/I still have too much.

Maybe I’m going too far, but, I just am not satisfied. I’m not satisfied with the weight of my pack, all the clothes and things that I have, I need to downsize on it all. It seems like an internal reflex now. Stuff = Heavy = My poor back = hard time on pubic transport and walking which in turns means no running.

You may wonder what’s your big deal about running? My big deal about it is that last year I felt Abba tell me that my backpack needed to be light enough so that if necessary I could run up a hill with it. At this point that ain’t going to happen.


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