Conquering a Fear

My task for the end of this week is to get over my fear of street photography, and improve in most if not all areas.

Yes, I have a fear of street photography, I’ve always been scared that someone’s going to come up and tell me not to take their picture, or something like that. Silly I know and a bad habit, especially in the line of work I want to get into. I just feel self conscious about taking photos on the street

But I shall conquer this fear! Or die trying (figuratively of course).

Afula 041 signed

It took almost all my courage to do this one. By the way it’s the new shopping mall here in Afula. They are doing road work down near the other round about, and I think they are adding a bus stop too. The market (shouk) is up the road a bit. Down the road is a grocery store and an indoor mall.

Any tips on getting over my fear or ideas for it are welcome!


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