A visit to the Eternal Capital

Afula and Jerusalem 100 signed and bible verse

We are back! I do believe I made improvement on my fear. Its not as bad as it once was, and it was fun. My parents (especially my dad) was like take the picture, take the picture! Get over your fear, and I’m like you keep doing that and I’m Not going to take the picture, thank you very much, now backup. I don’t like to take pictures under the stress of someone telling me what to do because I already know. Now if the person wants to suggest something that’s different.

Anyway, our time there was great. We got the 7:40 bus from Afula, we went shopping for a backpack for Joseph and scarves for Erin and I. We found the scarves and found Joseph a backpack.

After that we went to the Imperial, then met up with a friend, got pizza before sunset, because that Night was the beginning of Sukkot, and therefore a high Sabbath. It was SO awesome! Did I mention how much I love it there? That night we went to the wall, then headed back for bed.

The next morning after breakfast we headed down to the city of David (we checked out too). We spent most of the morning there. It was good.

OH!!! I found out more about my almost top favorite thing about the city of David! My extended family thinks I’m crazy, my family isn’t so keen on my interest with it either, but there’s just something about it that makes it so real for me. It’s the toilet. Amazing, huh? I hope you weren’t expecting something more exciting.

In area G they have excavated a house a huge house actually, and they say it was a rich mans house, and in that house they found a toilet.

Afula and Jerusalem 107 signed

See the square piece of rock with a hole in it? Well that’s the toilet.

I heard this from a tour guide (I listened in while they stopped in area G), I’ll just do a briefing.

How do they know that this was a wealthy house? By the size? Yeah maybe, but you probably know a low income family with a 2 floor house too. They found a chair made from wood, and this wood was from way up north, and only a rich man could afford it or a well off one. But how do they know that it was a RICH mans house? Simple ( you know where I’m going with this don’t you? of course you do), the TOILET! At that time, if you needed to go to the bathroom you head out into the field. Only a very Rich and important man would have a toilet, and indoor septic. You might ask how they know it’s a toilet, well… the hole in the middle is a good clue. Another good clue is the fact that they found um… excrement. Fossilized of course, and I find this fascinating they were able to send it in and find out what this person ate. The most likely last person to use it ate… OH the suspense! Raw meat! How do they know this? They found worms in the excrement, which you only find in raw meat because if you cook it there are no more worms (that is, they are dead).

Maybe I should become an archeologist. I love this kind of thing, but, no I think I would rather be behind a camera. A good thought though, maybe I’ll take it up on the side?

The fact that they found a toilet to me, proves that it was a house, a home, it was lived in. And it makes it so much more alive, and real, not just a house that was excavated but a home. The your guide said more about it but, I’ll let you find out for yourself.

When I was listening I was so excited! I always wondered and wanted to know more about it. I loved hearing about it! In fact I almost jumped up and down afterwards. I know, that is SO mature. Not really, but, that made my day. Father knew what would make my day. He knew that learning more about the toilet (so interesting isn’t it), would bring joy to my day. No matter how weird that it. And I know you agree with my extended family, I’m crazy.

I just spent most of a post talking about an ancient toilet. How weird is that?!

After the city of David we wandered to the square, then walked back down and sat by the Menorah.

Afula and Jerusalem 147 signed

Then after that I went for a 45 minute walk around. Spotted 2 minionite ladies, got a picture of the zion gate. Then met up with Mom and Dad, started back up to the square picked up Erin and Ben, and saw this.

Afula and Jerusalem 165 signed

They were heading down to the Wall, and singing as they walked. You know, even though I don’t have proof of Jewish heritage, I feel so proud when I see the IDF. If I could when I turn 18 and it is Fathers will, I would not hesitate to join them. But, that’s another subject.

After the sunset we got supper, and went to catch the tram to the bus station. As we were waiting they started telling people to move away. Apparently, someone left a bag and there was a possibility of a bomb. Sorry but the camera was in the pack and I didn’t get a picture. They sectioned off the area. About 10 minutes later the trams were back on track. It was a false alarm. So, while in Israel do not leave your bag behind.

We made it to the bus station for the 7:40 bus back. Ha, that’s funny I didn’t even think about that! 7:40 there and 7:40 back. It was a good 2 days.


2 thoughts on “A visit to the Eternal Capital

  1. Like the pictures! You know, that menorah is covered with real gold, just sitting out there in public… It was made according to exact measures, and the Jews hope to use this for the third temple that they plan to build one day in the future.

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