I’ve mentioned that I was involved in Davidic or other wise known as Hebraic dance for around 3-4 years. But when we started on our adventure, I stopped. Well I didn’t have anyone to dance with really. Nor a place to dance, my Mom and Sister probably would have danced with me but it wasn’t the same as doing it with friends.

I miss it, I miss it a lot. One day I’ll get back into it, when I have someone to do it with.

One thing that always bothered me about it though. Was the fact that to Deaf people the movements didn’t mean much or anything because they couldn’t hear the music or lyrics of the song.

So I started thinking well, couldn’t we sign the song while dancing? I know it would be harder to concentrate on the steps but, sign language can express things just as much as the motions themselves. Also hand movement is as important as feet movement, so why not. Only problem was there wasn’t anyone or enough who knew sign well enough to bring it to full formation. My Mom can sign but has a real hard time putting it to foot work, my sister isn’t into dancing. She likes it but, it’s a come and go thing. My brothers won’t do it either, nor would my Dad.

Some of my friends know sign, but, it just didn’t work out then.

The people that I danced with and I did do some choreographed dances using sign language, and those went over pretty well.

I loved the fact that Deaf people could understand at least the important part of the song, as well as praising Abba Father through dance. And its stayed with me since. Deaf people can enjoy it as much as hearing if we make the effort. What they can’t hear make them able to see with their eyes.

I put some dance quotes down on the side bar of my blog, and its true I would rather waltz through a forest than walk. I’ve always been that way. Music just starts playing in my head and makes me want to dance. Actually that could happen in a dessert too, not just green places.

Well I think that’s about it for today. If you would like to see some dances that others have done and other things go over to New Heights Dance Ministry.

“The journey between who you once were,
and who you are now becoming,
is where the dance of life really takes place.”
– Barbara De Angelis

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