Sunset and Moon

Last night was the new moon. We went down to the look out and took some pictures of it.

Afula and New Moon 061 signedthe moons right smack dab in the middle of the sky.                    ^

Earlier yesterday I was down at the look out with Ben taking pictures. Then we decided to go down to spot the new moon. The sunset was awesome too.

Afula and New Moon 044 signed

(my brother isn’t taller than my sister yet, he’s just up on the railing, he’s getting there though)

It was fun, but, all too soon we had to head home for supper. I enjoy taking pictures there. The only down fall of it is that it never changes and the only difference is the the sun, clouds, moon and stars.

But, the view down on Afula is truly beautiful.

The moon last night was so big it wasn’t a problem to spot. It was right there!

Tonight is the beginning of Shabbat. So we have a cleaning day ahead of us!


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