Mashed Art

Last night we had mashed potatoes for supper, we made gravy and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Oh and we can’t forget the garlic in the potatoes, its essential, and we usually have between 3-10 cloves. We tried 15 one time but that was a bit much, and our stomachs weren’t too appreciative of it. This time there were just 7.

Now as a usual tradition, that’s only done when it’s the six of us or others who do the same thing or won’t be offended by us “playing” with our food, we shaped our potatoes before we put the gravy over them. Ranging from lakes to volcanoes, and anything in-between, it’s a fun past time with mashed potatoes.

Afula 029 darken and signedMine


Afula 032 signedBens

Everyone else had already started to eat theirs so I couldn’t get a picture of theirs.

But it was fun, and its even more fun when you get to eat it! What a great start to the week, with food art.


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