GoodBye Blog :(

Hi Everyone,

In a preievious post I said that I would try my best to keep this blog going, but things are getting a bit too hetic for me to keep it up. Also this blog was for our travels, and as we are no longer traveling at the time being, I think its time for me to resign from this blog. I will probably leave it up, but as for now there will be no more posts.


Have a great day 🙂



3 thoughts on “GoodBye Blog :(

  1. My dear sister…….
    This is the time for your blog…… a time when things are not just going your way. When you look back, you will see the hand of YAHWEH even more. Don’t cheat us on watching YAHWEH mature you into a virtuous woman….. i for one have always enjoy reading your messages…… It shows me where your heart is. Remember, Selah & I love you and your family…… we pray for you daily. I ask, … Please continue your blog!

    Blessings to you

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