Hi, my name is Kim. I am the second of 4 children and my youngest brother and I are both C.O.D.A’s.  C.O.D.A is an abbreviation of Child of Deaf Adult. My father is Deaf but my mother is hearing, I also have two siblings that are Deaf.

I love my family. We sold our house in 2003 and since then haven’t put down roots. We travel and go where ever Father wants us to go, when ever. In 2010-2011 we sold our trailer and everything that couldn’t fit into our backpacks and have been traveling like that for almost 2 years now.

Fathers taken us to some amazing places and seen us through many difficult things.

During our travels He’s taken us between Canada and the States for quite a few years with our Van and trailer, then after we sold it He’s taken us to England, Scotland, Germany, Israel, Australia, and Jordan. Where will He take us next?

I like to read mostly Christian fiction, and biographies. I do like other books but those two categories that I usually read.

I have a love for photography. I’ve been praying about becoming a Photojournalist, so we’ll have to see where Father leads in that.
My family and I believe in the Bible, that Yahushua is the Son of The Most High El, and that Yahweh is His Father, and Yahushua came to die for our sins. But we also believe that the Torah was not done away with, and that it still stands. Its just that we don’t have to pay the penalties for breaking the commands because Yahushua paid the price.

But that we should still abide by the law, because its like a guide line. The ten commandments are a guide line that you probably teach your kids or you’ve heard of them. Yahushua said the the two greatest commands were to:

Love your Elohim with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself on these two hang all the commands.

Other than that its all the same basis.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kim…Your blog is very interesting but you need to make sure you capitalize the first letter of every city….Just becareful what you say about yourself as there are some real crazy people out there. Love G&G

  2. Hey Kim,
    Caught your link through your Mom and Dad’s blog “Expressive Hands”.
    Don’t know if you remember Janelle and I. We still live in Iowa but are now in Newton which is about 2 hours west of Cedar Rapids.
    Anyway I just wanted to bless you and say how wonderful it is to see you growing into such a young woman of Yehovah.

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