GoodBye Blog :(

Hi Everyone,

In a preievious post I said that I would try my best to keep this blog going, but things are getting a bit too hetic for me to keep it up. Also this blog was for our travels, and as we are no longer traveling at the time being, I think its time for me to resign from this blog. I will probably leave it up, but as for now there will be no more posts.


Have a great day 🙂



questions and thoughts

We all know that Yahushua came and was crucified on a stake (or tree).

But why do Christians have such an emphasis on the cross? I am really curious on this subject because I was listening to a Micheal W. Smith cd and there was a song “O’ the wonderful cross” and it made me curious. Why the wonderful cross why not “The Wonderful Father who gave His Son to die for us”? He died on the stake yes but that is not what saved us It was. His blood that saved us not a piece of wood! 

It’s just a question.

Shabbat is over now and it is 1st day (sunday). I am looking forward to the next time we go to the library it is so much fun finding books and the walking. Just getting out into the fresh air is enough for me.

I had an interesting conversation with some friends. It was about the topic of makeup and how we look at our selves.

We talked about why people wear makeup because they don’t like how they look. So to cover it up they wear makeup, we look in the mirror and see some one, you see all the outward things that you don’t like about yourself. But we came to an interesting factor, most people when they walk into a room they look at other people and say to themselves “wow she’s really pretty or she’s the size I wish I was” and things like that. But we don’t see ourselves through other peoples eyes, everyone has beauty, whether it is the world view or just true beauty. 

Proverbs says: Pro 31:30  Loveliness is deceptive And prettiness is vain, A woman who fears יהוה is to be praised. 

Next time you see someone even if you can only pick out one thing encouraging ie. the scarf they are wearing brightens their face, or that bracelet is really nice. Things like that, but don’t flatter, unless it’s genuine then that is good but flattery is not.

Did you know Roman generals when paraded through the streets after a conquest were put on a gold chariot, their faces were painted red, and wore purple. they had a slave behind them holding a wreath over their head, and whispering in their ear the whole time “remember you are just a man”. Because all that flattery can go to the head and really muck some one up. It is better when genuinely said than just said because you want to get on someones good side.


I will leave you to think on that. Have a good week.