Nomadic Siblings

My brothers, sister, and I have established a YouTube account named Nomadic Siblings. It is done in ASL, or “pigeon” if you want to get technical, with subtitles. So that it is suited for both Deaf and Hearing people.

As our family is part Deaf and the other part Hearing, C.O.D.A really, even Mom’s CODA as her Dad’s Deaf too. So we understand what a hassle it is to find something that is suited for both the hearing and Deaf.

Nomadic Siblings will have video’s ranging from:




Our adventures

Fun things

and so much more!

We only have one video out right now and that its on Hanukkah. Our signing is a bit stiff and not the best, but we will improve over time.

Hanukkah by Nomadic Siblings

And head over to my brothers blog where he explains this much better and I mean A LOT better!


Hope you watch it, and tell us what you think.