Baking Day!

In the trailer, Fridays were baking days. Getting everything ready for Shabbat, and the weekend. Everyone knew that on Fridays, as soon as breakfast was over, you vamoosed, and did not show up until lunch even then you had to stay outside. Unless it was raining then you better find a corner and curl up!

ns extra 078 <- our sink was always FULL of dishes when finished.

ns extra 076<- Munchies and cookies!

ns extra 070 <- Muffins, and bread


ns extra 072<- Mom making the bread

It was a go, go, job until finished. Then we had the mess to clean up. Not fun.

We would make bread, muffins, desserts, snack food/cookies, plus a nice supper, and if we were going over to a group that Sabbath, something to take along. But aside from the cramped-ness and that I liked it. Unless it was raining then it got kinda un-fun because everyone was where you needed to be, and not where they should be. But it was still fun.

It was always special sitting in the trailer Sabbath morning, eating muffins, reading scripture and just talking. Many people would make pancakes, or some other yummy breakfast for Shabbat. But it was easier for us to make muffins, not to mention we loved them. We would make about 2-3 batches and that would be, breakfast, lunch, and snack, with some left over for first day (sunday).

I can taste those muffins right now too. YUM! It’s making me want to go and make muffins, but I will resist that temptation.

Have a good end of the week!