Hearts: Can you trust them?

Queensland 121

Can I trust my heart?

This is a valid question, and one many including myself have asked. You’ve heard and possibly even said, “ follow your heart” “listen to your heart” or “ what’s your heart telling you”. You may have said or heard the exact opposite, “ Don’t listen to your heart, it can be deceitful” “ you can’t make proper decisions with your heart because it isn’t logical” and other things.

Lets look at this scripturally first, then we’ll look at it in our own lives.

(Psa 10:17)  יהוה, You have heard the desire of the lowly ones; You prepare their heart; You incline Your ear,

(Psa 37:4)  And delight yourself in יהוה, And let Him give you the desires of your heart.

(Psa 84:5)  Blessed is the man whose strength is in You; Your ways are in their hearts.

(Pro 3:5)  Trust in יהוה with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

(Pro 16:9)  A man’s heart plans his way, But יהוה establishes his steps.

Each of these verses have something to say about the heart. They tell us that our heart gives us ideas and can in fact be right about some things, but we need to give it over to Father so that He can guide us.

Now lets look at the verses say the almost opposite of the ones above.

Pro 28:26  He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But he who walks wisely is delivered.

Mat 15:18  “But what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart, and these defile the man.
Mat 15:19  “For out of the heart come forth wicked reasonings, murders, adulteries, whorings, thefts, false witnessings, slanders.

Mar_7:21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,

Then we have it saying that its foolish to trust your heart, but if you walk wisely you are saved. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YHWH, that’s somewhere in Proverbs.

Matthew gives us good reason not to trust the heart, for it is filled with vile things.

Still yet:

(Psa_119:11)  I have treasured up Your word in my heart, That I might not sin against You.

If He and His word is in us we don’t need to fear what is in our heart, for He has said that He will write his commands upon our hearts. We will still need to be cautious and continuously check it for what is not good but, for the most part all we want to do is follow Him. And so that is what our heart will want too.

We can’t always trust our heart but, we would also be foolish to shove it to the side and not check and see what’s inside. To discern what is right in there and to cast out what is not. Because the more we check ourselves and what is in our heart, and replace the bad with the good, the less wickedness will dwell there. We will also be able to catch it faster, for we will have a better sense of right and wrong.

But, we need to be careful, because there are times when we are afraid to see what’s in there. We don’t want to see it, for two possible different reasons.

One: Afraid that it won’t be right.

Two: Afraid that it is.

Both these aren’t reasons to be scared, because if it isn’t right then you can replace it with something that is, and if it is right well that’s another time to count when your heart was right. Can you see where I’m going here?

You can’t trust your heart 100% but, you shouldn’t ignore it either. Because Father puts it in our hearts first then confirms it. We always need to inspect our hearts and make sure they are right with Him, then if they are clean we have no reason to be afraid of what’s in there.

I guess that is the conclusion. Search your own heart, is Father trying to show you some thing though it?



Trust with out going CRAZY

Have you ever experienced a peace but feel restless? and keep hitting a wall, until you’re hitting the wall with your head saying “OK, already’! “I trust you, and I’m waiting on you, but couldn’t you hurry it up a little?! I’m going stir crazy down here!”

That’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m trusting Him, trusting Him to provide everything, and show me what to do next. But I’m going a little stir crazy especially when He’s just saying “wait and pray”.

I’m reminded of the verse

Pro 3:5  Trust in יהוה with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

It puts me in check when I read it. I know He’s up there just sayin “trust and wait, stop trying to analyze things”. And I’m down here saying “Hurry up, I’m getting stir crazy and my patience is wearing thin”. I have patience but it sometimes only goes so far, and He’s stretching it. That’s probably a good thing, I sure could use more. But I’m driving my family up the wall, with my pacing (not literally).

I’m trusting Him and waiting for His timing but at this point time seems to be running short. I keep asking Him if I’ve done anything to disrupt the flow of His timing, but He just says to keep praying.

So last night I did something I haven’t done in a while. I gave everything to my Abba.

I gave it to Him, I gave everything to Him, including myself.

You can’t do that enough. As I said, I trusted Him, but I didn’t give it to Him. There’s a difference. You can trust Him and carry the burden on your own shoulders, you can give it to Him and put it on the shelf and forget to trust Him on it, or you can both trust Him on it and give it to Him. I did that last night. I still feel the need to pray, but I don’t feel like I’m carrying everything. Its in His hands, and because of that it is in the best hands it could ever be in.

And you can do it too. You’ve just gotta ask Him. Its that simple, it may seem hard, but it really isn’t. Ok for someone that doesn’t like anyone helping them, then yeah it’s a bit harder. I can understand that.

Most people (especially my parents) say I’m dependent on people, but I’m also independent. I don’t like asking for help and, I’m not real fond of accepting help. Something I’m working on. But it’s a trial, accepting and asking for help has been a big thing for me, I suppose it comes from pride. Most people see me as incapable, so I try not to show any weakness or need for help. I’m always trying to find a way to prove myself, and I hate dislike being dependent on anyone, and I know that’s wrong. I know I can’t do everything myself, and that Yahuweh works through people to help me. But I still struggle, I just don’t like accepting help, but I’ve gotten better over the years. At least I think I have or maybe it seems that way because no one has offered to help with my backpack, or things like that for a while. I guess I need to work on this a little more.

After my dad reads this post he’s going to be talking to me about this, being dependent, independent, and accepting help thing.

I think I just need to get over the fear of being seen as an incapable, frail, girl, that can’t do squat. I’ve always been scared of that ever since I turned 13 and people started calling me a young lady. I didn’t want to get walked over so I tried to become more tough and pushed anyone who wanted to help me away. A mistake I made, and a hard one to unlearn, and undo.

Being an older sister -and having my younger sister turning 13 in the near future-I don’t want her to make that mistake. I don’t want her to let people walk over her, but I don’t want her to push people away. I want her to be proud (in a good way) of becoming a young lady. Not be scared of it like I was.

I still bristle and wince at the word young lady. It was never used in a bad way, it wasn’t a step in life that I was ever thrilled about because it wasn’t talked about nor clarified, on how, what, I should behave, if I should be any different. Because after I turned 13 my brothers friends dads told them that they had to start treating me as a young lady. And that included holding the door open, letting me go first, picking up heavy things for me. I chaffed under that. I mean it was good and everything, but as I explained above…..

It just confused me, made me feel like I wasn’t who I was and that I had to change. I resented that. So I tried to push away anything girly. Not in the way I dress, obviously, but in the way I act. I try to show people I can be as tough as any boy, and that causes people to back off a lot. Not a good thing when you’re trying to make friends.

So that is my long story, on this issue. There’s actually more but that would just take forever. Besides I’m sure I’ve bored you 1/2 to sleep.